Best Canadian Hockey Players

Hockey needs tact and skill to maneuver with the cork. How well the players serve, score and defend will determine their rank on the country’s list. Here are best of the best Canada hockey players you should know about.

  1. Wayne Gretzky

Commonly referred to as ��The Great One’, his sores top the list and has won 4 Stanley cups. Among all the 1,487 games he has played, he has scored 894 goals. He has registered 2, 857 points in the 1,963 assists he has participated in.

  1. Gordie Howe

Consistent in this sport, of 23 straight seasons, he scored not less than 20 goals. Ageing and at 51, he scored 15 goals in 2016 while taking the game as a profession. Being an All-Star for 21 times, he also won the Stanley cup four times. Participated in 1,767 games and scored 801 goals. Of the 1,049 assists he has involved in, he scooped 1850 points.

  1. Bobby Orr

Known for his speed and brilliance, he has won two Stanley cups and nine All-Star games. Nine times winning the Norris Trophy, this is outstanding. He has set 915 points from 657 career games.

  1. Mario Lemieux

Even when down with cancer, back pain and irregular heartbeats, Mario has been exceptional by leading the Pittsburgh Penguins to winning two Stanley cups. Professionally, out of the 915 games he has played, he has scored 690 goals. 1,723 points are the results from the 1,033 assists he has taken part in.

  1. Bobby Hull

��The Golden Jet’ like he is known is terrific and shoots like a pro. He is the first player to ever score 50 goals more than one time. While playing for the Chicago Blackhawks, he won the Stanley cup one. Topping the All-Star twelve times, makes him a prolific scorer. In the 1,063 National Hockey Leagues he has played, he has scored 610 goals and hit 1,170 points.

  1. Jean Beliveau

Twenty years playing with Montreal Canadiens, he won the Stanley Cup 10 times like a player and seven other times as one of the members of the Montreal’s front office. Posting 507 goals in the 1,125 games he played, he is an embodiment of talent. He has taken part in 712 assists.

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