Hockey in Canada

Canada is famous for its all-time favorite sport-hockey. Being the powerhouse of this winter sport, Canada is not gender biased. In Canada hockey is played by both men and women hence the existence of a Men’s National team and Women’s National team.

Brilliance, unbeatable speed and proficiency has seen hockey on the list of various competitions. Internationally, Canada take part in the World Cup, Winter Olympics and IIHF World Championships. The Stanley Cup is the only Club competition in Canada established in 1983. Nationally, Canada has all its teams participating in the National Hockey League founded in 1917.

Canada is among the countries gifted in ice hockey dating from the 1875. With all ages taking part, ice hockey is gaining fame in the West. Entwined with academics, In Canada hockey at the Saskatchewan University is tested in a course, Hockey in Canadian Literature.

The women’s team took home their first ever gold medal in 2002 with over 6 million spectators supporting them. The same year, men scooped gold. Many literature pieces have been launched on Canadian Hockey among them How Hockey Explains Canada by Jim Prime. To say the least, hockey unifies Canada- a country divided on the basis of politics and languages. The indoor and outdoor rinks all over the country brings Canadians together despite their differences.

Hockey Canada, founded in 1968, is the body that governs this sport in the country. This body with its headquarters in Calgary, oversees all activities pertaining to hockey with the exception of U Sport and the Canadian Hockey League. The body replaced the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association that was founded in 1914.

In Canada hockey has brought about tremendous growth in the economy. The tourism industry has skyrocketed with many international tourists streaming into the country to watch this ice game. Revenue has doubled from concessions, parking fees, events, merchandise, tickets, fantasy and season passes. In the corporate level, marketing, sponsorship and activation have stirred the countries kitties to almost full.

In brief, hockey is Canada’s national sport and its importance to its people is more than a sport. Considered as a way of life, this sport puts food on many Canadian’s tables. Some practicing hockey as a career, others employed as coaches, commentators and heads of federations. Play Hockey, Live Hocke

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